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What is a Wi-Fi Heat Map?

Wi-Fi heat maps show the signal strength and coverage of a building's Wi-Fi network. How could these maps help improve your Wi-Fi network?

Imagine you’re sitting in an empty auditorium having a conversation with a close friend. As your conversation progresses and you’re starting to get into a highly engaging topic, you notice that more and more people are filling the emptiness of the room. With all the new voices in the room, you’re now having to speak louder, and often, repeat what you had just said, making you increasingly more frustrated. Your previously simple and enjoyable conversation has become a hassle, and you’re looking for any reason to end the conversation. At this point, you would prefer to sit in silence until the interference is gone rather than continue struggling through the noise. 

This, at its most simple, is the daily struggle of a Wi-Fi network.

The Daily Struggle of Wi-Fi

As Wi-Fi becomes less of a bonus feature and more of a requirement for both homes and businesses, there is an ever-increasing amount of noise that is being created, introducing more interference to wireless conversations. There are so many variables that can affect Wi-Fi coverage, such as building materials, interior objects (i.e., furniture), and different devices and applications. Wi-Fi, like our auditorium characters, is very particular about being able to hear and be heard by the device at the other end of the conversation.

A recent Wi-Fi poll conducted by wireless engineers found that 1 out of every 3 Wi-Fi networks is performing poorly, meaning that there are more than 200 million bad Wi-Fi networks around the world! Spotty Wi-Fi coverage is a common problem that frustrates everyone! So, what is one to do to make the conversation pleasant again? How can we ever go back to the “empty auditorium” where our conversation was so easy?  

The Solution: Wi-Fi Heatmapping

Well, I don't know about other companies, but at Summit Technology we have technology that can analyze your existing Wi-Fi, identify those noisy devices that dominate the conversation, and get you back to enjoying your Wi-Fi again. We do this through a live Wi-Fi survey where we can generate a Heat-map, identify each of the plethora of issues that can plague Wi-Fi, then strategically tune and update your system to be exactly what you expect from your Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi Heat mapping

If you're ready to figure out why Jill in accounting can never get a signal from her desk, let us know. 

Talk to us about how we can find you a solution that is Simple. Convenient. Secure.

If you still have questions about the Wi-Fi heat maps, you can contact us at or fill out our contact us form.

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