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Why MSPs Should Be Offering Training Solutions To Their Customers

Ensure that employees feel educated, prepared, and equipped to do their jobs to the best of their abilities with the tools that are provided to them.

One of the biggest complaints with the advent of technology, on a hardware and software level, is the constant change. We are told we need to get the newest iPhone, smartwatch, or device every year. Even historically longer life-spanned electronics, like TVs and refrigerators, are now being replaced every few years. It is becoming harder and harder to keep up, and it is in huge part due to never-ending upgrades to the software. Changes and updates are made on a daily basis with bigger suites of software used by fortune 500 companies like Microsoft’s Office 365 product suite.

The Problem

The reason I bring up Microsoft is that there is now a more inherent need for training and development in the workplace to help accommodate these constant changes and to ensure that employees feel educated, prepared, and equipped to do their jobs to the best of their abilities with the tools that are provided to them. Most companies do not have a system in place to make that happen, meaning that any questions or confusion an employee encounters while working, are expected to be handled by the employee either becoming a “Google Guru” or “YouTube connoisseur.” Sometimes asking peers and hoping that THEY know how to help is an option, but remote work has limited that, too. Many companies utilize an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to provide all their IT services and many MSPs do the minimum to make sure their customer's technology is functioning correctly - and functioning technology isn't the same as technology that customers know how to use.

There are many ways to accomplish this task, and most of them involve using intuitive training platforms that promote self-development and are an asset to the employee, as well as a good data source for the MSP on where the gaps are in product utilization and understanding. I know I speak for Help Desk’s all around the nation when I say that if users felt more empowered to do their jobs with their provided tools, there would be far fewer service calls coming in and less labor spent educating and showing users simple features to fix their problems. The Microsoft Office suite in all its robustness is still quite intimidating at times and can become confusing very quickly in the right situation.

Here at Summit Technology, we recognize the above issues and have a solution to these problems. It's a solution that will help you prevent these IT issues, instead of needing someone to help you pick up the pieces when things go south.

The Solution: QuickHelp

QuickHelp is a one-of-a-kind training and enablement platform that fosters user growth and development by using training materials, how-to guides, videos, training events, and more.


“QuickHelp has an individualized approach to organizational change that uses customized skill paths based on user input and video and events tailored to unique user needs—plus, it allows you to upload proprietary content.” QuickHelp is an e-learning solution, providing in-app product expertise and enabling businesses to equip their teams. QuickHelp also bolsters a culture of team collaboration to solve issues, as users can mark their favorite training materials and share them easily with their colleagues who face similar issues.

That is a high-level rundown of a platform that is always expanding and is extremely content-rich - covering many more topics than just Office and Microsoft 365. To learn more about the platform and to see if it could bring value to your organization, you can visit QuickHelp | BrainStorm (

We love QuickHelp because it brings another layer of value to our customer offerings and reflects our mission of not only providing and managing companies’ technology needs but also having a people-first focus and caring about their personal growth and development. We do not want to just provide the technology to you, we want you to feel confident and more educated about using it too.

The Takeaway

As we move to the future of cloud computing and automation, we have more time now to re-focus our efforts on the customer. Not just providing the technology to our customers, but championing it for them. Not just putting out fires, but preventing them from happening in the first place. Tools like QuickHelp are rapidly changing the dynamics of what an MSP should be, and if your IT provider doesn't have an answer to your user enablement woes, we've got you covered.

Talk to us about how we can find you a solution that is Simple. Convenient. Secure.

If you still have questions about QuickHelp or any other user enablement programs, you can contact us at or fill out our contact us form.

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