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Construction Company trades in Clunky Servers for Cloud-based Solution

Improve project tracking, budgets, and reporting with a custom-built solution by Summit Technology.

Everyone knows that technology is evolving rapidly and that they will have to end up trading in their clunky server for a better solution. But, most companies lack the knowledge and skills to upgrade their outdated, unreliable system. Kory Smith, president of Wasatch Taylormade Builders, had a problem that required immediate attention but didn’t want to devote resources and large financial cost necessary without knowing if he would have a cost-effective, reliable outcome. He knew he would need to find a company that could develop a system to tie in information from all their pre-existing systems without breaking the bank.

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Summit Technology
creates custom office technology solutions for businesses who are looking to increase efficiency, security, and reliability. No matter your industry, our engineers can build an infrastructure that turns your headaches into a well-oiled machine. One of our best examples of this was a recent project we completed with Wasatch Taylormade Builders, a construction management company in Salt Lake City.

Wasatch Taylormade Builders was experiencing major issues in their project management system. An outdated server and software bugs led to high maintenance costs, inaccessible files, and extra personnel to keep things running. Problems like these diminished project results and accumulated unnecessary costs.

Nicky Alamo, one of Summit’s System engineers learned the ins and outs of Wasatch Taylormade Builders’ operation and pain points. Once we saw the big picture, the solutions came naturally. We hooked them up with Microsoft Sharepoint, a cloud-based data management and storage system that allowed their files, budgets, and development plans to be accessed instantly from anywhere.

A new server was only half the issue, they still needed a new project management system to replace their unreliable software. To solve this, we got creative and built a custom mobile application that could be used in offices or on worksites. This app was built using Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI, which integrated seamlessly with their new Sharepoint system.


The new system brought immediate results. Wasatch Taylormade Builders has reduced its IT application costs by 74% and expects a 188% return on investment over the next three years. With costs down and a productive system in place, Wasatch Taylormade Builders can expect an increase in revenue and development efforts for years to come.


Are you ready to turn your headaches into headway? Summit Technology can meet all of your information technology needs, whether that be migrating a server to a cloud-based system or creating a custom-built application.

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